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A mercenary named Royce reluctantly leads a motley crew of warriors who soon come to realize they've been captured and deposited on an alien planet by an unknown nemesis. With the exception of a peculiar physician, they are all cold-blooded killers, convicts, death squad members...hunters who have now become the hunted.

Title : Predators

Year : 2010

Runtime : 107

Release Dates: 2010-07-06


Actors :

Topher GraceasEdwin
Alice BragaasIsabelle
Laurence FishburneasNoland
Adrien BrodyasRoyce
Danny TrejoasCuchillo
Walton GogginsasStans
Oleg TaktarovasNikolai
Louis Ozawa ChangchienasHanzo
Carey JonesasTracker Predator
Brian SteeleasBerserker Predator / Falconer Predator
Derek MearsasClassic Predator
Mahershalalhashbaz AliasMombasa

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Just watched this Predators Stream Online Megavideo. It is truly spectacular and may one of those rare amazing. The acting was great all round. The direction, cinematography and visual effects were all greatly innovative and brilliant. The screenplay fun, often humorous and has a lot of heart for all its characters which are all really well developed.


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