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We Were Soldiers

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The story of the first major battle of the American phase of the Vietnam War and the soldiers on both sides that fought it.

Title : We Were Soldiers

Year : 2002

Runtime : 138

Release Dates: 2002-03-01


Actors :

Mel GibsonasLt. Col. Hal Moore
Greg KinnearasMaj. Bruce 'Snake' Crandall
Madeleine StoweasJulie Moore
Sam ElliottasSgt. Maj. Basil Plumley
Chris Kleinas2nd Lt. Jack Geoghegan
Keri RussellasBarbara Geoghegan
Barry PepperasJoe Galloway
Clark GreggasCapt. Tom Metsker
Marc Blucasas2nd Lt. Henry Herrick
Jsu GarciaasCapt. Tony Nadal
Robert Bagnellas1st Lt. Charlie Hastings
Blake HeronasSp4 Galen Bungum
Josh DaughertyasSp4 Robert Ouellette
Jon HammasCapt. Matt Dillon
Dylan WalshasCapt. Robert Edwards
Erik MacArthurasSp4 Russell Adams
Mark McCrackenasCapt. Ed 'Too Tall' Freeman
Desmond HarringtonasSp4 Bill Beck
Duong DonasLt. Col. Nguyen Huu An
Ryan HurstasSgt. Ernie Savage
Brian TeeasPfc. Jimmy Nakayama
Sloane MomsenasCecile Moore
Bellamy YoungasCatherine Metsker
Simbi KhaliasAlma Givens
Jim GrimshawasMaj. Gen. Henry Kinnard
Forry SmithasSfc. Carl Palmer
Steven NelsonasSp5 Charlie 'Doc' Lose
Vincent AngellasCapt. Robert 'Doc' Carrera
Michael TomlinsonasCol. Tim Brown
Keith SzarabajkaasDiplomatic Spook
Tim AbellasArmy Intelligence Officer
Patrick St. EspritasGeneral in Hallway
Mike WhiteasSfc. Bob White, Mortar Sergeant
Daniel RoebuckasMedevac CO
Dan BeeneasCab Driver
Taylor MomsenasDaughter Julie Moore
Devon WerkheiserasSteve Moore
Luke BenwardasDavid Moore
Vien HongasMr. Nik
Joseph HieuasNVA Officer
Shepard KosterasReporter
Stephen ZapotocznyasEdwards' Radio Operator
Ben AllisonasLt. Cochran (uncredited)
Brian CarpenterasSec. of Defense Robert McNamara (uncredited)
George CheungasNVA Officer (uncredited)
Brendan FordasJump Coordinator (uncredited)
Justin GordonasFrench Officer (uncredited)
Shannon M. HartasArmy Wife (uncredited)
Will KlipstineasPrivate Davey (uncredited)
Danny Le BoyerasSergeant (uncredited)
Matt MangumasPvt. Soprano (uncredited)
Johnny Tri NguyenasYoung NVA Lieutenant (uncredited)
Randy OglesbyasLt. Col. List (uncredited)
Jonathan Parks JordanasWhite Private (uncredited)

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